polyurethane mastic glue

Our main Markets

Polyurethane RESIP is implemented in many areas :

  • Covering protection : chutes, hoppers,… and also quality control table or assembly table
  • Lateral conveyor belt, scrapers,…
  • Tubes, seals, curtains with plates,…

And with very different customers : food industry, glass, ready made concrete, metal recycling, cement,… RESIP is really efficient when replacing rubber, silicone or polyethylene, with a better life time due to excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical aggressions.

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For end user, RESIP has additional interest (saving time) :

  • We deliver dimensions ‘ready for final use’ : no waste of time in cut operation, no material waste
  • Very easy to implement using our glue (no grinding, only one layer on only one of 2 materials)

polyurethane molding


antiabrasion covering protection