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Cast Polyurethane RESIP


Opposite to Polyurethane commonly produced in sheets, RESIP is a Polyurethane in ROLLS :

Length till 40 meters

and 1.500 mm width

These rolls once produced are directed towards stock, waiting for your need and ready to be cut:

  • either to your exact dimensions
  • or, if you cut by yourself : length x width the more efficient

Thus we have very short delivery time.

RESIP advantages are numerous :

  • Abrasion resistant (30 mg/mn DIN 53516)
  • Cut resistant (100 N/mm DIN 53515)
  • Used till – 40 ° C
  • No trouble with chemical products

In contact with gluing products (such as concrete), RESIP allows saving time in cleaning operations.

RESIP is also efficient against noise

RESIP is allowed to be in contact with food (European norms)